Stewart James Pressney
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Lifelong Expat | Outdoor Enthusiast

Designer & strategist based in beautiful Vancouver.

I utilize design thinking and prototyping to develop ideas, test assumptions and create products that work.

Recent Clients

Clorox Group - 2022
Website overhaul of internationally recognised charcoal brand.
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Altium - 2020
Rebranding and UX Design of newly acquired EDA/CAD platform, Upverter.
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Scope Media - 2019
Go to market strategy and implementation for retail classification AI.
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Reliq Health - 2018
Product Design for telemedicine platform to manage COPD, Hypertension and Diabetes.
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My Process

I facilitate a user-centered design and prototyping workflow proven successful within the electronics, healthcare, education, and eCommerce industries. My arsenal includes branding, wire-framing, prototyping, website design and no-code development.

Ethnographic Research
You learn a lot engaging with stakeholders.
UX Design
A good blueprint is critical to any projects success.
Rapid Prototyping
Prototypes that move as fast the agile teams they support.
Go to Market
Test, learn, improve, repeat.

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